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Open a sell order, input hash id, that's all!

3 Easy Steps.

Cashout in minutes. You will never have to call, chat or make a complaint to get bank alerts!

  • Signup
  • Open a transaction
  • Get Paid in minutes


What rate do you buy Bitcoin?
Simply signup on, on your account area, you will see the current rate we buy.

How long does it take to get paid?
Once you open a transaction order and send us bitcoin, we payout once we get 6 confrimations on the blockchain.
What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin I can cash out?
The minimum amount of Bitcoin we buy is $200 worth of Bitcoin.
How do I sell my Bitcoin?
It is simple. You can sell your Bitcoin in 2 ways.
To sell via your secure wallet balance, send BTC to your wallet address which is generated for your account at signup. Then from your wallet balance, open a cashout order and select "Sell from wallet". Bfundz is authorized to withdraw your btc order from your wallet balance. You get paid after 6 confirmations on the blockchain.
To sell directly to Bfundz from another wallet, open a cashout order and select "Sell Directly". Send the btc amount to Bfundz official wallet address and input your transaction ID or Hash. We verify the transaction and payout after 6 confirmations on the blockchain.
Can I trust Bfundz?
We have one mission and that is to become the fastest and most reliable crypto exchanger in Nigeria and Africa.

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Exchanging your Bitcoin for Naira doesn't have to be a pain anymore. We are redefining exchange service in the cryto market

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